Financial Aid

Grants & Outside scholarships

1. Educate New Mexico – Non ALCS funding source; This private foundation awards families scholarship funding for a four year period for all children in the family who are in Kindergarten to 12th grade. The scholarships are worth $1,000 per year for students in grades K–6, and $1,500 per year for grades 7–12. There are income guidelines that you must meet in order to qualify to apply for these scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to qualified applicants, based on a lottery drawing that is done independently of ALCS. Recipients must be able to pay the balance of their tuition expense and are required to show that they meet the income guidelines each year that they receive the scholarship. Apply at

2.Conner Christian Scholarship Foundation – Non ALCS funding source: This private foundation was established to enable students to obtain an elementary or secondary education at Christian Schools. The scholarship may pay either full or partial tuition for the entire academic year. The student’s family must show financial need. The student must maintain a GPA of 2.5 (C+) or greater during his/her previous academic career (unless applying for 1st grade). Once selected the funding is provided for subsequent years as long as the family continues to show financial need, and a GPA of at least 2.5 is maintained. School transcripts, Letter of recommendation from your pastor, family household size, legal proof of income, statement of parental responsibility, and a written statement explaining why the student wants to attend Christian school are required. Request a scholarship form from the school secretary. The application deadline is Aug 1 for fall, Dec 1 for spring.

ALCS Funded Scholarships

Total Scholarships awarded per student is up to $600 maximum with additional limitations placed on specific types of scholarships.

1. Academic Performance; $500 maximum

Students must have completed at least 1 class in each core subject; English, Math, Science, Social Studies.

2. Fine Arts Potential: $200 maximum

3. Athletic Potential: $200 maximum

4. Christian Service; $100 maximum

5. Entrepreneurial: $200 maximum

6. Convention Performance scholarship; $500 maximum For students age 13 and attending convention

7. Alta Nisly Scholarship

Note: All scholarships that require submission, audition or tryout must be applied for by the deadline for the upcoming school year. Those which do not require submission, audition or tryout may be applied for at any time during the year unless otherwise restricted by application deadlines.


1. Full payment Discount- A five percent discount is given for full payment of the year’s tuition that is paid by August 10th. The full amount due must be paid in full (postdated checks or partial payments of any type do not qualify) The 5% discounted amount is figured on the remaining tuition balance after all other discounts, subsidies, grants, scholarships or other credits are applied first and deducted. To be eligible a student must have no outstanding balances for any other charges. A 2% discount is applied for each semester for balances that are prepaid for the entire semester before August 10th for fall semester and January 10th for spring semester.

2. Family Discount – Awarded to families who have 2 or more siblings that are both enrolled at the same time. Both children must be enrolled for the entire school year and be paid for by the same person. Only one invoice/correspondence packet is issued per family.

3. Employee Discount- School employees receive a discount off their own children’s tuition based on the number of hours employed. Discount amount is $20 per scheduled hour of work per week. The amount is given as a total discount off the employee’s bill, not given per child.

4. Previous Years attendance Discount- maximum $250 – Discount of $25 per year for each full year of attendance at ALCS prior to the current year. Partial years do not qualify.

5. Alumni Discount – Dependants of alumni receive a discount of $50 per child.


1. Church subsidies – Sponsoring churches provide subsidies to church member families in support of the church’s ministry in Christian education and in support of the students receiving a high quality education in a Christ centered learning environment. Currently sponsoring churches provide at least five hundred fifty in subsidy per qualifying student per year. If you are a member at another church, information is available for you to present to your church board about the value of funding a subsidy for your child to attend a Christian school.

2. Individual or small group subsidies – Occasionally ALCS receives requests from individuals or small groups, such as a Sunday school group or Bible study group to sponsor a child at ALCS by providing a subsidy. The sponsoring individual or group may inform ALCS that they wish to provide a subsidy for a specific child or may ask that ALCS identify a child that is in need of subsidized assistance with their tuition expenses. The amounts of the subsidy depend completely upon the donor and can vary greatly from covering full tuition (which is rare) to (more typically) half, one third, a fourth or less, of the tuition amount.

Contribution Credits

1. Parents can contribute to the school in a variety of ways; However for assisting with providing hot meals for lunch, parents can earn credit toward their student’s tuition. Parents who bring in a hot noon meal, serve it, and clean up afterwards are eligible to receive two thirds of the proceeds that are collected from other students who purchase meal tickets for that day.

2. Fundraisers throughout the year will have prizes of tuition credits for top sellers. Sales that will count toward determining which student sold the most must be paid for and submitted by the deadline for sales to be turned in.

Parent Work Opportunities

Work opportunities are available for the following school jobs

Award Certificates & Coupons

1. ALCS provides award certificates for referrals of new students. A new student must indicate during their initial interview that they were referred by a current student or student’s parents and as a result of that referral applied for admission to ALCS. The student must be accepted, pay for, and complete a full year of school in order for the referring student to be eligible for the award certificate. A new student is defined as one who has never been enrolled or accepted to ALCS or had other family members enrolled or accepted at ALCS, and does not regularly attend a sponsoring church. Award certificates are currently $250.

2. ALCS provides an award certificate for $100 to one student selected by lottery drawing during the annual awards night ceremony. The student must be present to be awarded the certificate and the drawing is made from all returning students that have completed a renewal application and have paid the registration fee for the next school year.

Qualifications for Financial Aid

In addition to meeting the specific qualifications listed for each of the types of aid, additional qualifications must be met for students to be eligible for the following types of Aid:

These types of financial aid are credited to your account on a distribution schedule of 1/10 of the award amount for each school month August to May. Each qualification must be met in order for each student to continue to be eligible to receive these types of financial aid.