Academics At Abundant Life Christian School – An Albuquerque Private School

ACE Curriculum uses the concept of mastery learning. For that reason, students are required to score 80% or higher on tests before moving on to the next level. Although this is considerably higher than what is required by many educational philosophies, it makes sense when you think about it. All learning is based on previous knowledge. You must recognize numbers and understand their value before you are able to learn arithmetic or study mathematics. You must know your alphabet and basic phonics before you are able to learn to read. In the same way, advanced learning in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and History builds on what a student has learned previously. If there are gaps in a student’s fundamental understanding or base of knowledge, the student will have difficulties in comprehending more advanced concepts. ALCS believes that students should actually learn the material rather than just be exposed to it. After all, isn’t increasing a student’s knowledge and understanding, the whole point of education?

Grading Scale- ALCS uses an A, B, & C grading scale but does not issue D’s or F’s. Basically, the grades of A,B, & C correspond to test percentages. 94% + earns a letter grade of A, 88-93% earns a letter grade of B and 80-87% earns the letter grade of C. However these grades do not correspond to traditional explanations of: “Well above average, Above average, Average, Below average, and Failing.”

ALCS, An Albuquerque Private School, Defines Grades As Follows

Students are expected to complete 12 units (or PACES) in each of 6 subjects during an academic school year. ALCS plans out a full 180 days of classroom instruction for an academic school year. The days are broken down into two 18 week semesters and four 9 week quarters. Therefore, students should, on the average, complete 3 units of work in each subject each quarter or 1 unit per subject in 3 weeks.

Graduation Requirements For ALCS, An Albuquerque Private School